1) What is your name? *

2) What is your primary email address?

3) What is your best contact number (Including International code)?

4) Please mention your exact location so we can schedule your classes accordingly.

5) What is your primary goal?

Losing weight
Becoming pain & medicine free
Becoming stronger and adding more muscle
Increasing flexibility
Fix an injury/rehab

6) What is your current exercise routine? *

E.g. - 20 Minute home workout Monday, Wednesday, Thursday (full body) with a 1 hour run on the weekend.

7) Have you ever worked with a personal trainer before in Dubai ?

8) How does your daily nutrition look like?

E.g. - Breakfast = coffee, oats, Lunch = lentils with protein bread + apple, Snack = chocolate biscuits, Dinner =rice with tofu, Pre-bed snack = rice cakes. You can also write if you are following any particular diets. More the information , better for us to see where you are going wrong.

9) Body stats

a) Height (in cm)

b) Weight (in kgs)

c) Age

10) What is your profession? *

11) Do you have flexible work timings ?

if yes please mention details below, including work from home
if no what are your fixed work timings?

12) What goals do you want to accomplish over the next 120 Days (Eg- Body Weight Goal, more movement , getting fitter and healthier, rehab, decrease aches and pain, improve discipline , get into a healthy routine etc)? *

13) HONESTLY, Why haven't you been able to achieve these goals already?

14) Are you prepared to invest financially to achieve these goals which you have mentioned above in Question 11 & 5 *


15) What is motivating you today to reach out to AK Fitness and start making a change to your physique? *

16) In return for the free trial class are you okay with filming a less than 1 minute interview about your experience that would go up on social media?