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We know how you feel, we get it.

Everyone seems to have a different idea of what it takes to be healthy and fit. The trainer at the gym will tell you that you need to eat 10 eggs a day and drink a liter of milk if you want to look good.

Your mom says that you just need to eat healthy home food and you’ll will lose fat in no time. Your favorite celebrity says you need to stop eating after 6pm or you'll get fat. And the internet has a hundred more contradicting opinions. Sometimes it can be a little too much. Right?

"That's where AK Fitness comes in.
Ak Fitness is here to cut through all the B.S.

We believe in a science-based approach to health and fitness. Everything we preach is backed by science and evidence.
Our testimonials are evidence of that.

You can also watch our student - Naba's video about her AK FITNESS journey and how she lost 11 pounds eating delicious food and turning her life around.


Age 19

Minnesota ,USA

We believe in eating amazing food and getting even better results. Our clients eat pasta, bread, cheese, rice, pizza, ice cream and so much more yet look amazing. No more boiled chicken and vegetables ever again. You have the freedom and flexibility to choose how you want to train and eat and achieve killer results.
All you need to do is take that first step.

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