Age 19

Minnesota ,USA

Our student explaining about her AK FITNESS journey and how she lost 11 pounds eating delicious food and turning her life around.


Age 27



Age 23



Age 23

London, UK


Age 23

23, Trivandrum, Kerala


Age 19 – (Lost 8 kgs)

Dubai, UAE


Age 50 – (FROM 190 pounds - 150 pounds)

Seattle, USA

Hey guys, my name is Aretha and I'm 50 years old. I'm from Seattle. When I turned 50 I entered into Menopause. Menopause makes the process of losing weight a lot more difficult as it results in a lot of hormone fluctuations. If I'm honest I felt extremely helpless. I found Agish through Instagram and something about his sincerity and passion really inspired me. He put me on a good nutrition and exercise plan. And the fat just melted off. For the first time ever my body was changing and I felt great. Agish's gentle but firm way of coaching makes you want to do your best both in the gym and outside it. By the end of my transformation, I was down to 150 pounds from my highest weight of 190 pounds The journey was not always easy but it was extremely worth it. I highly recommend AK Fitness as Agish really changed my life for the better.


Age 21 - (wanted the bodybuilder look)

Dubai , UAE

Being obese my entire life,I got inspired by one of the professional athlete Jeff seid. I started my training, being skinny fat,I would never feel confident and I used to hold a large amount of fat in my belly and legs. Then I started training 6 months back following the plan provided to me by Mr.Agish and I saw a great change in my physique in a short span of time. This has driven me to inspire a lot of people around me to train harder and smarter. Thanks to my trainer Mr.Agish for his knowledge, without him this route would have been much hard.


Age 41 – (FROM 94 KGS - 68 KGS)

Salem , Tamil Nadu

Agish was a huge inspiration to me. He always motivated me by saying even at 40s if you want something you can go after it if you have the fire in you. Despite the negatives around me, he was always there to guide me and made sure that I pushed myself to the limits. Hard work with the right guidance always pays off.


Age 17 - (from obese to beast)

Dubai , UAE

Working with you helped me a lot because I didn’t know a lot about healthy eating and counting calories. You helped with it a lot, also you helped me learn the proper ways to do the exercises and perform them. you are always there when I need help so I can message you whenever I have a doubt regarding Meal, cardio, workout and fitness in general. It has been an amazing journey working with you. You are also a good teacher.


Age 20 - (skinny fat to Fit )

Dubai , UAE

I've gotten better results in two months with Agish than 3 years on my own. I've still not reached my goal but I’m confident that with his help it’s only a matter of time. Agish really cares about his client and what I really appreciate is his frankness. In the beginning it was a little jarring for sure, but this openness allows you to have realistic expectations. He won’t just tell you what you want to hear. And that’s very useful. He takes the time to really listen to your doubts and issues. He also takes injury prevention very seriously. Which is commendable. Hiring Agish is probably the best decision related to fitness I've made in quite a while. And I’m excited for my progress.It doesn't seem to be about the money for Agish. He really seems to genuinely want to help people and improve their lives.


Age 22 – (pliot)

Delhi, India

My name is Shekhar and I'm a pliot at Indigo Airlines. As a pilot in training it's really hard to make time to go to the gym and eat healthy. That's why I loved working with Agish since his personal accountability calls really kept me on track. This combined with a customised diet and workout plan made sure that I got the results I wanted. Working with Agish made sure that I was able to balance my studies and fitness goals. There's no one else I'd rather work with than Agish.


Age 16 – (Amateur football player)

Dubai , UAE

Before training with you I was at my worst condition, mentally and physically. At 81 kilos, I was at my weakest and most unfit stage. After training with Agish and following his routine, I have gotten down to 65 kilos and I'm at my peak stage, strength wise, speed, stamina, everything. After training with Agish I've felt a lot more confident and my performance on the pitch has increased tremendously. Training with Agish has also changed my outlook on fitness. Agish has also been keeping me in check with my progress from time to time which has also allowed me to stay dedicated.


Age 24 – (Lost 15 kgs)

Bangalore , India

Growing up I've always been skinny. This is due to not having much of an appetite and always been an avid sportsman. But when I graduated from college suddenly I couldn't really play football every day and that's when the weight gain began. Working with AK Fitness changed my entire view of health and nutrition. For the first time, I understood how macros and calories affect my body composition. Having a personalized diet and workout plan ensured that I'd get the best results I could. As a result, I've lost 15 kgs and feel better than I have in years. I think the best thing about AK Fitness is the weekly accountability calls as that made sure I kept on track as well as the 24/7 Watsapp support. Choosing to work with Ak Fitness is one of the best decisions I've made and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Age 22

Chennai , India

My name is Aadhithya, a fitness enthusiast. I had the right motivation to work towards my goal, but lacked the know-how. I went through multiple coaching programs, including some from big names, but seemingly nothing worked. And then I came to AK fitness, where all my questions were answered and I was mentored with a close eye, and finally started making visible progress. Today I stand almost thrice as strong, and I credit AK fitness for getting me there.


Age 35

Dubai, UAE

I never liked working out. I always was able to find an excuse about being too tired, too hungry or too lazy at the end of the day to not hit a gym or any exercise for that matter. To make it worse, eating healthy was not something that came naturally to me😊. It's around a time when my work got crazy hectic, my food habits went haywire, and my clothes threatened to give up on me, that I was introduced to Agish. In my initial days training with him, it was a lot of effort and dedication shown from his end that made me continue to make time for the workouts. And when I say dedication from his end, he went to the extent of dodging any excuse of delay I came up with by staying put and waiting for me to show up for my session at the gym…no matter how late! As the sessions progressed, over a couple of months I started noticing changes – not just physical form, but more around strength, flexibility and form. Agish’s training mantra always is “Yes I know you have a goal – you want to lose your belly, you want to lose fat, you want abs….and we will get there….BUT….fitness before looks”. Over the last year, Agish has pushed me slowly to do more and more and to push myself to new limits…..limits I never thought I could overcome…It was so much more enjoyable than I had ever imagined. Compared to where I was at the beginning of the journey, I now get excited to go for my training sessions and as a whole working with him has been such a gratifying and an experience of self-discovery. Needless to say, he himself is constantly learning, expanding his knowledge and applying it continuously making the journey fulfilling. Anyone out there who feels too crappy, too lazy, too tired, I say just give this change a chance. It is hard at first but Agish eases you into it and it is all worth it in the long run, I promise!

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