Online Coaching

What we get

Customized nutrition plan

  • The tag line for the nutritional section of AK Fitness is -"EAT WHAT YOU WANT AND GET IN SHAPE"
    Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it?
    Think about it, if you go ON a diet you will come OFF the diet at some point in time correct?
    What we do is lifestyle coaching not quick fixes. We teach you to eat according to your metabolism, lifestyle, habits, culture, taste preferences, and appetite. Thereby you will never have the urge to quit and will always be looking forward to eating your meals.

  • Eat what you like and still achieve your goals.
  • The plan comes with plenty of delicious veg and non veg recipes that have the caloric and macro counts included.
  • Here is the best part. As you advance in the plan
  • You will be getting access to AK FITNESS step by step guide on how to track you calories and macros, just by using your phone. Just this guide is worth the price of the entire program.
  • you will learn how to make your own diet plan in the future based on real practical advice.

  • 24/7 WhatsApp & Skype support

    Any doubts you have regarding any part of the plan or your lifestyle , all you have to do is hit us up on WhatsApp and we will help you out.


    Team AK Fitness is always here to push you to your limits and help you reach your goals as long as you put in the work.

    Customized cardio routine

    When I say cardio I’m sure you think of running on a treadmill for hours on end. Don’t worry that’s not how we do things here. My team will design a cardio routine which will never get boring for you.

    Tracking your progress

    We will be having a weekly 1-1 accountability call to discuss in detail your challenges, what was good in the week, what was hard to follow etc

    I will track your progress throughout the duration of the program. We’ll make sure you hit your goals and keep progressing.

    Customized training plan

  • A Training plan made specifically for your body type and genetics.
  • Fully customizable, choose the way you want to work out – gym/weight training, calisthenics, home workouts, yoga, pool workouts etc.
  • We will give you a routine according to your current fitness level and your physique goals.
  • This routine will be constantly modified as your body adapts.
  • If you are bored with your current plan - which mostly likely you won't be, let us know and you will get a newly customizable training plan
  • Understanding your body

  • In the end, only you can decide what's good for you and what is not (Training style, foods which acceptable by your body etc) and we believe every body has a language
  • we will teach you how to learn your bodies language and be in tune with your body as you progress in the online coaching program.
  • Changes & modification

    The plan will be fully customizable, and changes will be done to the cardio, training and your nutrition as your body adapts.

    Complete Supplement guide

    You don’t have to waste all your money on worthless supplements, since we'll guide you. Only a handful of supplements actually work. The rest just empty your wallet.


    Before you decide to hire me. Please understand you will be tracking calories and macros if you are going to get coached by me. I will show you how it should be done but you will have to get into the habit of doing it .So, you will need to use a "food scale" and you will be using a site like "" to track the macros/calories I suggest for you on a weekly basis. If you have a problem with that then I can't help you. I give orders and I expect my clients to execute them. As a personal trainer, this makes things simple for the both of us and I can offer better service knowing that your hitting the numbers I give you.

    "This is non refundable so if you pay for coaching be 100% sure you are ready to get to work.

    In case, you want to discontinue halfway through I will make a note of it and provide coaching anytime in the future."